Veteran actress, Grace Nortey has revealed that some movie producers still owe her some money for playing roles in their movies. According to her, the producers have refused to pay her and all efforts to retrieve the monies have proven futile.

Grace revealed this when speaking on Adom FM’s entertainment show, ‘Entertainment Hall Saturday. She also shared her view on the movie industry saying most movies are really not portraying real Ghanaian cultures as it used to be.

She then advised that, Ghanaian movies should portray characters and cultures that are worth emulating and that, if producers continue to portray other cultures in Ghanaian movies, it could affect the movie industry in the future.

She also cautioned actresses to be very modest in their dressing, insisting that offensive dresses showing the breasts are humiliating. “They should respect themselves and humble themselves. Exposing your breast and all that is not the important thing in this world,” she advised.

On the issue of actresses having sexual relationships with Producers before they land a role in a movie, the legendary actress expressed shock at such claims.

She noted that during their time in the movie industry, there was nothing like sleeping with producers and directors for roles, especially ladies who hurriedly want to rise to fame in the movie industry.

Grace Nortey was however happy that after thirty years, film makers still seek her advice on story lines.

On what to expect from her, she revealed that she has three TV series which will be coming up pretty soon.