All you need to know about Apple Music

There is a lot of Beats Music DNA inside the new Apple Music experience.

Apple Music on iPhone 6

The union between the iOSMusic app, the Beats streaming service and a pseudo social network for artists, Apple Music is the Cupertino giant's long-awaited streaming solution.

There is a lot of Beats Music DNA inside the new Apple Music experience. The new Apple Music app has a lot of the look and feel from the latest Music app in iOS 8.3 — as well as the iTunesMusicStore app on iOS — but it has some great new features too.

For You - one of the stand-out features of Beats Music — a feature which allows users to set taste profiles to get recommendations of music they like, based on how they tap bubbles of artists and genres, was moved to Apple Music.

The 'New' section is dedicated to music charts and surfacing the newest music. You can see the most popular songs, albums and music videos on iTunes and in Apple Music — but you can also see the most important new music, as judged by Apple's team of curation experts.


Also the radio section of Apple Music is basically iTunes Radio, fixed. Front and center with Radio is Beats1, a new live, 24/7 radio station with programming from London, New York and Los Angeles.

Beats 1 is one radio station — and although the mix of music might not appeal to everyone — the idea is that there will be programming, interviews and song choices that appeal to a wide swath of users.

Almost five years ago, Apple tried to get into the social networking game with Ping. It was an epic failure. Now, they are trying again with Connect, a way for artists and fans to interact. It's basically a social media timeline of updates from artists including photos, text, audio and video.

The My Music section is dedicated to the music both inside your iTunes account and music you've added to your collection from Apple Music's streaming library. The two collections can live together. You can also search your own music, find other albums by those artists and add them to your greater collection.

In the fall, Apple Music will be available on Android. This is the first time Apple has ever brought one of its services to Android, and that's huge.


Just like Spotify and Rdio, Apple is charging $9.99 a month for Apple Music. There will be a three-month free trial to the service, which is a great way to get users addicted to the product.


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