Here is why singer left Xtra Large Music

Kaakie has finally opened up about her exit from Xtra Large Music.


According to Kaakie, her contract with the imprint was not the best for her and that her expectations were not met after six years with the label.

She told Okay FM:

“I signed a contract and there are clauses in the contract and a lot of them are not favorable to me so if at the end of the six years with these clauses I’m still not where I want to be, I think I need to advice myself.


And it was very simple for me. I was 20 when I signed the contract. I was from Stars of the Future. Charterhouse took me there. If the clauses were not good then, I want to believe the person who took me there wouldn’t have and I know the person wanted the best for me.”

The "Ronaldo" hitmaker would however not speak evil of the label and would also not get into details why she left the label.

“I have worked with them for 6 years. Most of the issues are peripheral so I can’t go into detail. They are delicate and the fact that I’m no more with them does not mean I should sit here and talk any how about them. I respect them. At the end of the day there’s agreement and I’m no more with them.”


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