There’s more than meets the eye for Mr Eazi’s recent tweet about Ghanaians influencing Nigerian music.

And no matter how hard it is to swallow from all you West African supremacists or the ‘I better pass Ghana people’ lot, their influence on our music cannot be denied. For more of this, read this article on Mr Eazi and why his comments are interpreted as a betrayal.

But there’s a little group – perhaps not so little – who believe that Mr Eazi is simply reacting the emergence of Runtown’s ‘Mad Over You’, as the leading song in the country. Runtown is currently winning in 2017, and it’s all thanks to his latest single ‘Mad Over You’.

From Port Harcourt to Zaria, the singer’s song is top of the heap for the New Year, with turn of 2017 bringing it new penetration and fans. The video has gained reportage across the world, and social media has thrown its acceptance, with everyone finding new positive spins to give the tune.

But the production, which is similar to what Eazi championed all through 2016, is where the voices have attacked. Fans say the song is a reaction to Eazi’s hardwork in making the sound more viable at this tempo.

‘Mad Over You’ is a jam. A love themed song, Runtown dips into a comfortable subject to produce a great song. Self-produced, the new single draws inspiration from the Ghanaian ‘Alkayida’ sound which is reworked and repurposed for this project.

It’s a beautiful production, this one, and Runtown harnesses all of his powers for this. It’s a mid-tempo song which can coast through you initially, but eventually grows and envelopes you with its synths, mellow drum patterns and more. For the dancefloor, the relativity of the single will definitely be a favourite for rotation, and perhaps that is what the singer went for.

Mr Eazi is cool with this, and has covered the song, dropping a loose verse on the beat before letting social media run with it.

But Runtown, who can do no wrong at the moment will have plans for a remix, and what better way to grow it, if not to remix it. Runtown can shut down the rumours by bringing it the fantastic recording prowess and wave of Mr Eazi, while also throwing credit to the parent influence of his sound, and gaining more fans in the process by adding Sarkodie.

That way, he settles everything, while adding some good money to his pockets.