The song, which is a gospel record, is part of her birthday celebration which happens today (September 11).

According to her, instead of releasing new photos as usual to mark her birthday, she decided to release a new song to appreciate God for standing by her through the hard times.

“Obviously; fans, families and loved ones are anticipating the usual photoshoot on my birthday as always but no!” she said in an Instagram post. “God's faithfulness to me and my family this year can't just be boxed up in photos, the shame, the pain, betrayals, slander, backbiting, hatred, humiliations and death my enemies wished me did not prevail, and God in His infinite mercies has vindicated me before the lovely people of Ghana”.

She concluded that: “Today, I've decided to encapsulate all my appreciation in this piece of song to show my gratitude. Mind u, I'm not a musician nor venturing into music so pls don't misinterpret. A big thank you to all those who stood by me in my bitter and trying time. God bless u dearly”.

Watch the full music video below.