The official music video for the song was pulled down from YouTube over the reports that its instrumentals sound just as the Master KG's 'Jerusalema' hit track, hence, the action to remove it from the video-sharing platform.

However, Wendy disagreed with the action when she stated that "I will fight for my right because Pray for the World has a different chord progression from Jerusalema. SHAYGANG don’t worry my lawyers are dealing with YouTube".

Low and behold, the Ghanaian singer's team has countered the report with a complaint that has convinced YouTube to restore the deleted music video. "Thank God after an intense scrutiny from Utube, finally, the verdict says Pray for the world wasn't stolen n doesn't reflect Jerusalema," she announced on Twitter.

The 'Shay On You' singer in appreciating her fans who supported her, added that "Thank U GH, Fans n all who showed concern. Pray For the world is back on Utube n available on all digital platforms SHAYGANG we won! Ghana stand up!".

Watch the video below.