Praye Tenten, cause of our split - Praye Tiatia reveals

Praye Tiatia, one-third of the renowned Ghanaian music group Praye, has disclosed that a misunderstanding with his fellow group member Praye Tenten was the primary reason behind their breakup.

Praye music group

In a candid revelation, Praye Tiatia opened up about the internal conflicts that led to the dissolution of the group. He cited a disagreement with Praye Tenten as the root cause of their separation.

The disclosure provides insight into the inner workings of the ensemble, which once dominated the Ghanaian music scene with a string of hits in the early 2000s, including tracks like ‘Angelina’, ‘Kakyere Me’, ‘Otoolege’, ‘Ahomka Womu’, and ‘Efie ne Fie’.

However, the group disbanded following the departure of Praye Tenten in 2011, during the pinnacle of their career.

Praye Tiatia has disclosed insight into the trios split in an interview on D-Black’s UNKUT show, he revealed that unresolved tensions with Praye Tenten were the root cause of their breakup.


He disclosed that they discovered Praye Tenten was collaborating on an album with another artist without their knowledge, sparking confrontation and subsequent discord.

“Choirmaster did not leave. Tenten left first, we had a small misunderstanding at the time and we called and when we were asking him, he said he had his reason for doing this, and if not so then he was leaving"

“He was doing some project with somebody we did not know about and somebody saw him and told us. I think they were recording an album or so and when we called him and asked him about it, the answer he gave [not cool] and he was like if you guys don’t understand, then Praye Ho-ne-ho) also said if you do not understand then I do not want to work with you again.

“And I was sitting there and me and him, Praye Tenten were on one side so he left and I followed suit and he moved out and that was it, the whole thing,” he narrated.

Praye Tiatia emphasized that Praye Ho-ne-ho also opted to leave the group due to his disagreement with Praye Tenten's actions, culminating in the trio's dissolution.


Contrary to speculation, Praye Tiatia clarified that financial disputes were not the driving force behind their breakup. He emphasized that ego-driven conflicts rather than monetary concerns led to their separation.

“It was not about money because if it is ₵100,000, we know how to share it. You cannot go for a show, get money and you will take more than me, it is the ego that caused it,” he added.

Praye Tiatia underscored that a consensus and resolution between them could have avoided the breakup.


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