Jealous wife bites off rival's finger

A jealous Italian woman has been arrested for biting off the finger of her husbands mistress.

A jealous woman can go to any length

A jealous Italian woman has been arrested by the police in Naples after she attacked her husband's mistress in a street brawl and bit off her finger for daring to sleep with her husband, reports Emirate247.

The woman who got to know that her husband was cheating on her with the other woman, bumped into her rival on a street in the Spanish Quarter of Naples and sparked off a fight and in the process, bit off the woman's finger after the woman pointed her finger at the angry wife, before spitting the severed digit on the ground.

The injured woman was rushed to the hospital but it was too late as doctors said they could not reattached the cut finger, a police spokesman told AFP.

"We are used to seeing street scenes like this with women fighting each other for reasons of passion, but never with such violence," the spokesperson said.

The Spanish Quarter, a crime infested area, is one of the heartlands of the notorious Camorra, popularly known as Gomorrah, a powerful mafia syndicate operating in Italy.


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