Red Bull is making this woman go blind

A mother is going blind due to her Red Bull habit, which saw her drink 28 cans of the stuff every day.


Lena Lupari, 26, took in 3,000 calories from the drink every day, and has now developed a condition which has led to her brain swelling.

The jobless mother-of-three, from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, says she was completely unaware of the damage she was doing to her body until she collapsed in June.

Doctors say Ms Lupari, who weighs 26 stone, has developed Idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) due to her being overweight.

Ms Lupari’s  addiction, which saw spend £450 a month on the sugary drink, was making her incredibly overweight.

Idiopathic intracranial hypertension can lead to swollen optic nerves, which was impacting Ms Lupari’s sight.

‘I’d been suffering from migraines and headaches for about five years but I just ignored them and took painkillers,’ Ms Lupari told MailOnline.

‘Then my vision went and I couldn’t even lift my head off the bed and I ended up in hospital for six days.’

Since being hospitalised Ms Lupari has cut Red Bull out of her diet and lost two stone, however doctors warn she needs to drop a further five stone to keep her symptoms under control.

Ms Lupari says that while she doesn’t want a gastric band fitted, she believes the NHS should help to ‘motivate’ her by sending her to ‘something like a boot camp’.


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