Angry residents forcibly dress their mayor in skirt and blouse, parade him in public for unfulfilled promises (video)

As politicians continue to take their electorate for granted and using Machiavellian means to secure their votes, some locals are also beginning to adopt trailblazing methods of holding them accountable.

Angry residents forcibly dress their mayor in skirt and blouse, parade him in public for unfulfilled  promises (video)

Angry constituents of a Mexican town of Huixtán recently subjected their mayor to the most humiliating experience ever, for failing to honour the campaign promises based on which they voted for him.


They reportedly stormed Javier Sebastián Jiménez Santiz’s office, held him and municipal trustee Luis Ton hostage, and forcibly dressed them in skirt and blouse before parading them in public for four consecutive days, starting from July 30th.

While parading the two officials, the locals are seen holding placards bearing inscriptions that portray that they are failures.

According to, Javier Sebastián Jiménez Santiz won the mayoral race in the town of Huixtán on promises of improving the local water system, but failed to live up to the expectations of his constituents.

The residents dressed up their Mayor in a long dark skirt and white blouse with ruffles and flowery embroidery, while the municipal trustee was given a bright pink dress with white polka dots.

If you thought dressing the public officials in women’s dresses and parading them in town was embarrassing, then wait until you realise that it is actually the beginning of the whole drama.

They were equally forced to stop motorists in traffic and beg them for donations to enable them undertake projects they promised during their campaign, but failed to deliver.

A video of the dramatic incident shows Mayor Santiz attempting to explain to news reporters that he had meant to respect his campaign promises but was unable to do so because a 3 million pesos (about $158,000) which could have been used for them had been diverted to other municipalities.

However, as he tried to explain, some constituents could be seen and heard debunking his claim, yelling you are lying…

Having claimed that funds meant for his municipality had been diverted to other, for which reason he was unable to fulfill his promises, the constituents have called for investigate the matter to figure out if there was any corruption on the part of the mayor. further reports that the hilarious incident is not the first of its kind in Central and South America.

It said that, last year, the people of Chichiquila took their mayor hostage and demanded a ransom for his release, after he also failed to fulfil his campaign promises. Also, in 2018, the people of San Buenaventura, a small town in northern Bolivia, put their mayor in stock not serving them to their expectation.

Meanwhile, some women of Huixtán are unhappy about humiliating the officials using women’s dresses. According to them, it amounts to discrimination against women.



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