Teachers are arguably the least paid in Ghana and some other jurisdictions, and they are always comforted with the claim that the reward for their sacrifices is being stored for them in heaven.

As three teacher unions, National Association of Graduate Teachers, Ghana National Association of Teachers and Concerned Teachers Association are currently on a strike declared by the Labour Commission as illegal, the cliché has come up again.

Hilariously, one of the aggrieved teachers called into Joy FM’s Super Morning Show to register his displeasure at the saying that his reward is in heaven.

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“Those who say teachers’ reward is in heaven, are all teachers going to heaven? What about those who will not make it to heaven?” the teacher asked, adding “It means they would have lost out on their rewards both on earth and in heaven.”

Well, it is a fair question the teacher has asked because just like any other professional, some teachers are humans and lead lives that might make them miss heaven.