A married Physical Education mistress has admitted to having series of marathon sex with multiple of her students in her office and in some cases in the back of her car which resulted in the infection of one the students with Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

The arrest was effected after she reportedly complained to the school’s authorities that one of the students’ parents were blackmailing her with sexual affair with their ward to demand cash from her.

She has been suspended without pay and is currently being investigated.

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Canton City School District superintendent Adrian Allison was quoted as saying:  “We are extremely disappointed and disturbed by the reprehensible misconduct of the McKinley High School teacher based on information released in police reports.

“Her actions appear to violate the law and clearly violate the code of professional conduct of the teaching profession.

“She does not represent the high quality teachers of this district. She has been placed on leave, without pay, pending the resolution of the ongoing law enforcement investigation.”

So far, no court date has been set yet but it is believed that she will be properly arraigned to answer for her shameful act once investigations are concluded.