Investigators in the US state of Utah have discovered a man in his 80s who has been building a bunkers and cabins on state and Government land and filling them with provisions and weapons for the past three decades

READ MORE: Police arrest man who stole 120 TV sets from several hotels within 4 months reported that the man is currently helping the Iron County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI in investigations and some novel grenades and explosive powders have been found in the bunker of the mystery man so far.

Lt. Del Schlosser, a spokesperson for the Iron County Sheriff’s Office told the news portal that the fire outbreaks that had accompanied the summer caused incinerations into two of the cabins in the forest, leading to the explosion of some of the ammunitions the man had been hoarding in them.

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“Late in June, firefighters stumbled upon a bunker and a cabin, with investigators unearthing some items that helped them identify the person who had built them, a man in his 80s. The collection of items retrieved from the sites includes dozens of novelty grenades and explosive powder. The old man used barrels and garbage containers strewn across 8 locations to squirrel away weapons and supplies. While he did most of the work single-handedly, evidence suggests that he had the odd helper through the years”, Mr. Schlosser said.

Meanwhile, it is reported that prosecutors are contemplating proffering criminal charges against the old man.