Criminal gets arrested after he posted a comment on his wanted FB photo

A dumb young criminal has given himself to the police after he commented on his Facebook wanted picture,

A very dumb criminal in Ohio, USA, Andrew Marcum, has helped the police to get him arrested when he commented on his wanted photograph that was posted on Facebook by the police.

The 21-year-old was declared wanted by the police for safe cracking and a laundry list of serious charges.

The police were not exactly sure where he was and appealed to the public for help.

A few hours after, the sheriff’s office posted his photo on Facebook and Marcum, trying to evade the law, thought it would be a great idea to comment under his own photo.

He wrote:

'I ain’t tripping half of them don’t even know me.'

That comment prompted one commenter to reply:

'Lol, did the person they’re looking for comment on their own wanted post?  #WheresWaldo.'

The sheriff’s office also wrote:

'Andrew Marcum:- If you could stop by the Sheriff’s Office, that’d be great.'

And typical of a mindless buffoon, Marcum went to the Sheriff's office for the 'little discussion' and is now in jail.


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