Daniel Duncan-Williams, popularly called Dee Wills, also revealed being in jail cell for three years on Twitter and that people cannot relate to his pain.

"Maybe when you too go to hospital ward and jail cell on your birthday for 3 years back to back you will also know what I have personally been through and relate to my pain. Until then keep judging me though... from now on this life is just me and My God," he said in a deleted tweet.

Dee Wills Twitter post Dee Wills Twitter post

He did not disclose the offence he committed that sent him to jail.

But he vowed to show up in Ghana soon with a "real gang' in a video he shared on Facebook.

Duncan-Williams' son, Deee Wills Duncan-Williams' son, Deee Wills

He said: “When you feel like you dey abandon God or you feel like God has abandoned you, e never go happen for this life. God never go abandon you for this life. Never. And we thank God that God no be man but man be God but God no be man. If your mind open you for know. If not stay sleep. But I’m awake."

Watch the video here: