The Southampton Magistrates’ Court in Hampshire, England has banned a 24-year-old man from contacting his parents for a period of five years after he had already been jailed for 32 weeks following the parents’ complaint that he begs for money too much.

Parents of Matthew Kerley from Southampton, England were compelled to obtain the restraining order on him from the Crown Prosecution Service last year, claiming his incessant and abnormal begging for money was causing them extreme anxiety and stress.

However, reported that the young man has still been flouting the order. The news website said Matthew called his parents last month for instance for money over 30 times in 24 hours.

What is harassing about the young man’s conduct is the fact that some of his calls to his parents to request for money are made in the middle of the night, when they are supposed to be sleeping.

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The poor parents reportedly filed another complaint which saw the matter go to the Southampton Magistrates’ Court in Hampshire.

The latest action was by virtue of the fact that after giving him money recently, Matthew kept harassing them again for more, sometimes fabricating reasons for which he needed the money.

At the latest hearing, prosecutor, Liam Hunt told Southampton Magistrates’ Court in Hampshire: “His pestering of his parents for money led to the harassment conviction last year, but this behavior seems to have started up again.

“In one day last month, his parents received 30 calls. These have also been in the middle of the night. A number of messages have also been received criticizing them, before asking yet again for money.”

Liam Hunt added: “He told his parents he had a job interview and needed to shave, but his shaver had broken halfway through. He asked his parents for money, which they gave him, but he then turned up with a full beard.”

Meanwhile, Matthew Kerley’s lawyer, Julie Macey argued that the young man was left with no option, but to ask his parents for money, because for some reasons his benefits are being credited to his parents’ bank accounts.

Currently, the court has banned Mathew from either calling his parents or getting anywhere near their home for a period of five years.

This must be a trying moment for the young man as he apparently has no source of income.