Former beauty queen richest woman after death of billionaire husband

Former Miss Tanzanian now the richest woman in East Africa after the death of her billionaire husband, Reginald Mengi.

Reginald and Wife

39-year-old Jacqueline inherited $560 million from her husband, 75-year-old business mogul after his death. 

Known as one of the wealthiest men in Tanzania, Reginald Mengi has many ventures to his name including being the Chairman of Confederation of Tanzania Industries, Media Owners Association, IPP Gold, Handeni Gold, Radio One and ITV.

His death which occurred in Dubai left many devasted including his young family made up of his young wife and twin 6-year-old baby boys. 

It was apparent the couple were very much in love judging by the words they had for each other. On their anniversary, Jacqueline wrote, “I couldn’t have wished for a better man to share my life with, a man who has become my best friend, my rock, my mentor, and my pride. Happy Anniversary sweetheart, I love you. Thank you for showing me how it really feels to be loved and cared for.”

Reginald also expressed his love for her when he talked about their relationship in an interview. And according to him, meet Jacqueline brought a new purpose in his life. 

Jacqueline Mengi will now become the richest woman in East Africa.


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