A Tanzanian gospel musician,

The singer was once one of Tanzania’s popular gospel musicians, and one of her hit songs was Nipe Uvumilivu, Tuko.co.ke reports.

Reports say she has not been well for some time now, and some people have speculated that excessive use of narcotics could be the cause of her deteriorating health.

Muhando‘s spokesperson, Daud Mashimo is reported as having pleaded with the Tanzanian government to help cater for the musician's hospital bill.

Speaking in an interview with Global Publishers, he said: "Rose badly needs help from the government so she could return to Tanzania to receive specialised treatment. That is her home and she only came to Kenya for work purposes."

He added that the state of Rose Muhando is not encouraging, hence the need to come to her aid.

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"I am also calling upon her fellow Tanzanians to pray for her so she can go back to entertaining them like in the past," Daud Mashimo said.

Her hospitalisation comes after a viral video which emerged on social media on November, 20 showed Rose Muhando being exorcised by a Kenyan pastor as she rolls on the floor of the church.

In the exorcism video, Tuko.co.ke reports the musician as saying the ten evil spirits expelled from her body were sent by her manager to take all her possessions from her.

It further reported that the said evil spirits apparently wanted her cars, house and money and also to leave her poor and dejected.

Following the exorcism video, the Tanzanian Music Foundation (TAMUFO) Rose Muhando back to the country

Secretary for the foundation, Stella Joel said: “As an agency mandated to look into the welfare of musicians in Tanzania, we have decided to seriously look into her claims.”