This shocking clip appears to show the cruel moment a man humiliated his wife by making her walk naked down the road after he caught her 'sexting' other men.

In the disturbing clip, the man trails the woman who covers her modesty in nothing but a white towel appears shaken but remarkably calm given her ordeal.

As he follows her, he shouts 'she's a tart' and berates her for messaging seven other men.

The clip has provoked anger on social media, while others have questioned whether the clip is genuine.

As the woman walks down the street, which the post claims is in New York, with the towel wrapped round her, he shouts in Spanish: 'Take off your towel! Show what you are, so pretty and so great.

'She's a tart. Let's go. Let's go. Say hi to the camera and say why you're doing this.

Take off your towel and pay the price for the shame I feel after telling you how pretty you were and that I wanted to start a family with you, but it the meantime you were talking to seven other men.'

The woman retorted: 'But not to have sex with them.'

This only served to anger him further and he scoffed: 'Oh wow, not to have sex! But conversations about kissing, with "love", "babe" and the pictures.'

He then ripped the towel from her, leaving her completely naked in the street, apart from a pair of boots.

As she tried to hide between parked cars, he continued to hurl insults at her.

She then tried to cover her modesty with the protective sheet for a motorbike.

As she stood with the sheet wrapped round her, he said: 'Now, like that, yes. That's what you're worth.

'Do you really think I'm going to stay with you while you're sending and receiving naked pictures.

She then replied saying: 'Give me the towel.'

But he refuses, telling her bluntly: 'This is what you deserve.'

Source: Daily mail