Groom whose bride vanished on wedding night says her corpse was later found at lakeside (video)

A grieving husband has narrated how he spent just a few hours with his bride on their wedding night before her lifeless body was later discovered at a lakeside.

Groom whose bride vanished on wedding night & her corpse was found at lakeside

He shared the story of the mysterious death of his wife just hours after their wedding with Afrimax English.

According to him, after the wedding and the reception, they headed home to spend the night together as it is usually done.

“We had a long-time project to be happy and raise our kids. On our wedding day, we organised the wedding as usual. That day, we had a very wonderful ceremony. After the reception, we went to our new home,” he recounted.

However, the night which should have been one of their happiest ones turned became the saddest instead.

“We spent half a night. When I woke up, I didn’t see her. When I woke up and didn’t see her, I thought she was close and she’s preparing something.”

He however realized later that his wife had vanished, so he informed the police who then began a search for the bride with the help of residents but to no avail.

“In the morning I didn’t see her, I informed the police and investigations began. We searched around but we couldn’t find her,” the grieving man said.

It was days later that a forest guard came up with information that he saw the newly wedded woman heading towards the deeper part of the forest, where a large lake is located.

“We kept on searching for days and later her body was found lying on the lake shores. She had no problem. If she had, we would have discussed it and solved it.

“I was her husband for only a few hours. Can you imagine your soul mate can go without saying a word? And she just died. People have been saying all sorts of things and the reality is that I myself have no clue about what happened to her.”

“Some people are jealous. They can’t let you have joy. They can’t let you have peace. I had deep sorrow and depression. What happened was beyond my thinking capacity. I can’t even explain what happened,” he said.


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