Another case of child abuse has been reported by a concerned Nigerian after a 9-year-old maid whose name is given as Onyinyechi, brutally assaulted by her mistress, leaving her with scars and lacerations all over her body.

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This is what the lady wrote:

"A little girl called Onyinyechi (9yrs) always come to my mum's shop where am currently working while waiting for youth service, to buy some things for her Aunty.

This little girl is always full of smiles but only when you take a closer look at her, would you see the agony she passes through in the hands of her madam.


On Monday when she came to the shop, there were blood stains on her cloth and when I looked at her head, I saw that it was broken in two different places.

When I asked who did that to her, she said that it was her Aunty that broke her head because her aunty's  daughter's baby food finished and she did not tell her. I was close to tears and when I asked if she had eaten she said no, by 12pm ooo

I wanted to send in this post that day but I decided to wait but what I saw today was another level of wickedness.


Onyinyechi came to the shop today to see me, to show me the latest designs her aunty made on her body with bite and belt marks included. Flogging her with belt and giving her a red patch on her eye was not enough, she had to bite her too and she is not going to school.


Please readers, I would love it if any human right worker can help this little girl before she dies in the hands of her madam please help. The names of her parents are Mr and Mrsand in Umunoha, Imo State, but she does not have their contact or that of any of her siblings.

If any of you recognises this girl or know her parents, please contact them to come and take their daughter away before her corpse will be all that is left to take. God bless you all.

My contact is 08183324443; if there is someone willing to help, I will be glad. We know where the girl and her Aunty lives. Thanks a lot for trying to put a smile and give hope to this little girl."

Is there any help for this kid?

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