Jackline Njoki Mwangi aka Kiki wa Nge'ndo, a Kenyan woman shared her status with her family members and then proceeded to share it with her followers on her social media pages too.

"At the end of the day, I cannot be your keeper. You know you do not know me, I am not related to you yet you want to have sex with me, why don't you wear a condom? or take a test with me if am comfortable and if I am not ask me to wear a condom,?" she asked in an interview with Tuko.co.ke.

According to her, just as she also got infected by someone who didn’t care to inform her of his positive status, she too decided to spread the virus to men who are eager to have sex with every woman that comes their way.

Jackline who has reportedly depended on sex work for 18 years for survival claimed she has lost interest in having sex hence her resolve to make her status public to stop men from approaching her for sex.

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According to Tukpo.co.ke, Kiki was first diagnosed with HIV while she was a teenager after she had sold her body to men for a couple of years to get upkeep money for her and her nephew.

Her mother had left her and her elder sister in the care of their aunt to go and work in the United States (US). Although she kept sending money to their aunt for their upkeep, she never used it on Kiki and her sister, so she ventured into prostitution for survival, conduct that made her mother dislike her.

She tested positive for HIV at the time her uncle attempted to convince her to return to high school where she had dropped out from.

"It was heartbreaking, I stayed without taking medication but was just pushing on with life. At some point, I went upcountry and came back to Nairobi and that was when I attempted suicide," she disclosed.

She said all her friends and family have abandoned her now after knowing of her status. She also blames her predicament on her mother’s choice of money over the safety of her children.