Oleg Kirkunov, 54, lived in Ufa, Russia, with his wife Olga Sukhanova, 44. His brother Evgeny, 65, joined them for a meal and drinks at their home and was invited to stay the night and sleep in the couple’s spare room.

According to Oleg woke in the night after hearing “noises” coming from the spare room. Realizing his wife wasn’t by his side, he went to the spare room and found his brother having sex with his wife, so he shot them dead.

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Graphic footage recorded by police shows Olga was lying dead on the bed, with a huge head wound and the body of Evgeny can be seen on the floor in a pool of blood. A gun was also seen on the floor in the video.

The man can be seen explaining what happened to the police and confesses to killing the pair.

Explaining what transpired, police said the unemployed man, a keen hunter – grabbed his Saiga gun and shot his wife in the head as she lied in bed. Then he gunned down his brother who had dressed and was trying to escape.

He then immediately called the police and confessed to the killings and the reason he shot them.

The Russian Investigative Committee confirmed that “the criminal has been detained”. Charges have been brought against him for double murder.