“I can’t believe my girlfriend thinks I’ll marry her” – Man says he’ll leave lover after he gets "decent job"

A young man has expressed pity for his girlfriend who is oblivious of the fact that he will not marry her, revealing that as soon as he gets “a decent job”, he will leave her for his desired type of woman.

According to the man identified by his Twitter handle as @SipheBravo, it is about time people stopped feeling entitled to spend the rest of their lives with their partners just because they both suffered together.

In his view, the fact that you have been through thick and thin with someone does not impose an obligation on that person to make you his or her life partner because “we all have our own preferences.”

“I can’t believe my girlfriend really think that I’m gonna marry her and we’ll live happily ever after. Soon as I get a decent job I’mma leave her and start dating my types TF.

“People need to understand that we’re not entitled to be with them forever just because they were with us when we were broke. We all have our own preference, & that doesn’t make me love my current girlfriend any less. Things change, feelings change. It’s a vicious cycle,” @SipheBravo wrote on Twitter.

He added that if his girlfriend leaves him for another man of her choice, he would never be bothered because he understands that she is at liberty to choose whoever she considers fit to be her lover.

“If my girl could leave me for a guy who’s well established & appreciates her more than I do, I would gladly accept and never hold her hostage just cause she’s been with me through thick & thin.”

@SipheBravo concluded by saying that if everyone begins to think like him, issues of violence during and after amorous relationships will be a thing of the past.

“This entitlement over people’s lives is the reason people resort to violent behaviour,” he said.


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