Man paid a friend to call the police with a fake Isis bomb threat

20-year old man paid a friend to hoax call police with an Isis bomb threat in order to stay off work.

Aaron O’Neill

Aaron O’Neill, 20 did not want to to work, so he paid his friend Colin Hammond, 21, to stage a bomb threat from Islamic State.

According to the Irish Times, the men had been out drinking and taking tablets the night before the 6am bomb threat was made.

Hammond called using a call centre outside his home.

Obviously, police had to take dramatic action over the suspected terror threat, shutting down a motorway, disrupting air traffic control and preventing 4,000 Intel staff from going to work.

Hammond told the emergency operator: ‘You will not find them, this is a warning, we’re everywhere now.’

And when asked which organisation he represented, he responded: ‘Islamic State’.

Judge Martin Nolan described the case as ‘profoundly stupid’, adding that ‘it is a very, very strange way to avoid going to work’.

He was sentenced to carry out 200 hours of community service in lieu of a two-year prison sentence.

Yesterday, Judge Nolan said there was ‘no reason to depart from the same sentence’ for O’Neill.

The case has been adjourned until January to get a report from Probation Service to find out if he is eligible for community service. Metro UK reported.


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