Kwame Nkrumah’s wife told me he was a womanizer - Madam Amedahe (video)

Former lady-in-waiting to Ghana’s first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumahs wife has disclosed that Fathia Nkrumah confided in her that the renowned pan-Africanist was a womanizer.

Kwame Nkrumah’s wife told me he was a womanizer - Emma Florence Yaa Adinyira Amedahe

The elderly woman recalled being introduced to the first Family by Governor-General of Gold Coast, Lord Listowel when he was leaving the country.

She however disputed claims by a section of Ghanaians that Nkrumah was a dictator and was leading the country in the wrong direction before his overthrow.

“As for me, I never saw Nkrumah as a dictator, maybe outside, he looked like one but we that he was working with, he loved us, he never spoke English with us. He was always speaking Fante to us. And he loved laughing and playing. So I know him as someone who plays, he is not a dictator as people see him,” she stated.

Madam Amedahe added that she got the opportunity to live with the Nkrumah family because of her smartness, humility.

She bemoaned how the 1966 coup led by General Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka to overthrow Dr. Kwame Nkrumah affected her personally and the country at large.

“The Coup cut short so many things, so the one who made the coup, General Kotoka, I don’t like to hear his name at all. Some of us suffered in that Coup. For instance, I was the only woman who stayed with the men in the Statehouse. I was slim by then, I looked like a little girl, and not how I am looking today.

“So when the soldiers drove to the Statehouse, they went to every room and brought all the workers and left their wives. I was the only woman worker. They beat me and the men workers mercilessly and kicked me too. Even when they slap me and I fell down they kicked me as if I were a football.

“They stamped my back, my waist and my lower abdomen. Ah! I suffered,” she exclaimed.

“One of the soldiers lit a cigarette with his lighter and then used the burning end to burn me. I was shouting, he slapped me again and told me not to shout. I really suffered,” Madam Emma Florence Yaa Adinyira Amedahe cried in the interview.


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