Man cuts off 2 legs to get insurance payout, fails to get the cash, court jails him 2 years on top

A 54-year-old man who deliberately cut off his two legs to get a huge insurance payout has been jailed in addition to a huge fine aside from losing the legs for nothing and failing to get the insurance cash.

Man cuts off 2 legs to get insurance payout, fails to get the cash, court jails him 2 years on top

The man identified simply as Sandor Cs. due to strict local privacy laws was hoping to claim a £2.4 million insurance payout when he lay down in front of a train in 2014.

Yes, he succeeded in getting his two legs amputated from the knee down and has been wheelchair-bound, using prosthetic limbs.

But the insurance companies refused to pay him when his wife applied for the payout because they suspected his injury was self-inflicted.

The convict from the Hungarian village of Nyircsaszari is reported as saying he took out the policies after receiving financial advice telling him returns are better on insurance policies than savings accounts.

After years of investigation, a two-year suspended prison sentence has been handed to him in addition to an order to pay £4,725 in legal costs.

Meanwhile, Sandor Cs has disagreed with the court’s ruling, claiming that he slipped and fell in front of the moving train after stepping on a shard of glass.

He has vowed to appeal the sentence because he has been treated unfairly.

“I find the ruling very peculiar, naturally it isn't what I expected, I am disappointed.

“I need to see this through to the end because, as is, this is not right, and the court must feel the same way,” he is quoted as having said.

Before the train accident, he worked in the thermal energy sector and installed boilers at home and abroad, reports say.

Following his conviction and sentencing, Sandor Cs who is said to have other insurance packages pending might not be able to get them.

He is reportedly studying law to fight for individuals’ rights against big companies.


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