The video of the South African man was uploaded to Twitter by one Cherrol Ngobese and it has since gone viral and attracted a lot of reactions from social media users.

In the video, the hungry animals are seen gathered at the front of the topless man's compound waiting patiently to hear him as to why he had not provided them with their food.

He then stood in front of the animals and knowing that he had defaulted in doing the needful, he spoke to the goats calmly for them to understand and exercise patience with him.

He first of all acknowledged that he arrived home late the previous night, a situation he said caused his inability to get them their maize. He then promised to go back to town to quickly buy the food for them.

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"We are in a meeting now. I called this meeting to let you guys know I do not have your maize yet. I came home late yesterday and I could not buy it. I am going to head to Stanger (north of Durban) now to buy some for you guys. I hope you understand," he said.