Everybody has different problems for which they seek

However, a testimony allegedly given by a certain man in church about how his faulty mobile phone got healing has raised eyebrows.

He then started praising God, saying his phone had been faulty for the past two weeks, but after saving his pastor’s phone number on it the previous Sunday, the phone go healed automatically.

Though it sounded trivial and farfetched to some people, who were they to cast any doubt on what God Had done for somebody.

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The hilarious story was shared on social media by a twitter user identified as @Clinton_Vice_B.

He said: “So one Testifier came out to give testimony in church today that his phone had been giving him issues for 2weeks and last week Sunday when he got and saved the pastor’s number, Monday morning he realised the phone was working perfectly.

“On my life I’m not even joking.”