"Dear Readers,

My name is Jordan. I am a 25-year-old graduate from one of the best private universities in Ghana. Without being vain, I can say I am a handsome guy with the right biceps and what is popularly called 6-packs.

While in school, I had many women throw themselves at me and I had a field day. During my youth service in Accra, I met a woman who is 45-years-old but she looks like a 20-year-old because she takes good care of her body.

Rita is rich and runs her own oil consultancy business. She is a single mother of two, with her first daughter my age mate.

We started having an affair and in the course of the relationship, we fell in love and she has been spoiling me with every good thing of life. I lived in her mansion in a choice area of East Legon, drove her cars and we went shopping abroad twice.

Now she wants me to marry her but my parents would not hear of it. My mother especially has vowed to curse me if I get married to a woman older than me.

I want you Pulse readers to help with your advice."

There is nothing more to add to this than to ask on Morning Teaser today: is there anything wrong in getting married to a woman who is 20 years older than the man?