Obinim brags about finding a cure for “Colora” virus (video)

While topnotch medical experts are still struggling at the global level to find a cure for the deadly Coronavirus which is threatening to become a pandemic, controversial Ghanaian pastor Daniel Obinim is bragging about having found a remedy.

Obinim brags about finding a cure for “Colora virus (video)

The novel virus has infected 115,800 and killed 4,200 people across the globe so far, according to CNN's tally.


Speaking to his congregation, Obinim is seen in a video hitting his chest, claiming to have found and cure for the disease.

Recently, he launched a bottled oil branded ‘Coronavirus’ which he was said to be selling for GHS200 ($40) to repel the Coronavirus from its bearers.

Although people treated the said ‘Coronavirus’ oil with contempt due to the credibility deficit of the man of God, he is still boasting that the oils is efficacious and can get rid of the disease.


No cure has been found for the Coronavirus and the World Health Organisation and other stakeholders are currently working around the clock to figure out a remedy.

If anyone out of gullibility throws his or her money away in the name of buying a so-called oil or whatever medicine to guard against or cure Coronavirus, it would be a personal choice.

God may reveal a remedy through a pastor as everyone is praying but there is still the need to be vigilant.


As and when a cure has been found, the public will be duly informed. The most important thing is to take precaution and adhere to personal hygiene and safety tips.



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