A Forty three-year-old gospel musician and pastor from Kenya who was reportedly born with both male and female sex organs has decried how members of the society within which he lives disdain him because of his condition.

However, the truth eventually came to light. He said he is unable to hide the feminine part of his life as his mother had wished, because he exhibits traits of both gender.

Darlan Rukih told Tuko.co.ke: “I was born a hermaphrodite but my mother identified me as male for fear that I would be killed because the tradition of the people where I was brought up considers hermaphrodites as an abomination.”

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Despite the fact that he is married and has fathered two children, Darlan said he still menstruates on a monthly bases just like any other woman.

He got married to one Presican Fau who had agreed to cope with his condition after he opened up to her about it, but as Darlan’s condition became public knowledge and people keep gossiping and making mockery of him the marriage has been shaky.

He said: “In 1995, I married Presican Fau of Gwasi Suba. I openly told her about my condition as a hermaphrodite. She willingly accepted to live with me despite my condition,” but the woman has reportedly turned against him now.

Despite the public scorn coupled with the rough marriage life, Darlan said: “In 2002, God blessed us with our first born son Abidan Rasha Rukih. In 2014, God blessed us with a second child, Marvel Rukih.”

Darlan Rukih could have opted for surgery to get rid of one of the sex organs, but as it stands now he is able to impregnate his wife and still menstruates every month.