Narrating his issue in a brief letter, Kojo [not his real name], said his girlfriend cheated on him in December 2019 and he got to find out, so he became paranoid and resorted to sleeping with other women around.

According to Kojo, although he got heartbroken, he was able to forgive the lady when she came to apologize to him.

However, he has been trying every means humanly possible to stop the retaliatory philandering which has developed into a habit but to no avail.

He disclosed to Mama Zimbi that his decision to forgive her was based on the fact that she was from a poor family and he was the one supporting her and the family.

He further revealed that he has been engaging in promiscuity from December last year when his girlfriend cheated on him to date, all in a bid to appease himself and has slept with seven women over the period.

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The young man chose to seek help because he’s emotionally and psychologically traumatized also because his father is a pastor and he may end up dragging his reputation in the mud.

Read the full story below:

Dr Mama Zimbi, I had a broken heart last year in December and I decided to forgive her and accept her back because of her living condition. She is not from a rich family and is the one supporting the family.

I was in school by then when that incident happened. Mama, to be frank, I deeply love this girl but since that incident happened I have also been sleeping around.

Mama, I have even slept with 7 girls since then. I still feel hurt. I have tried all my best to be whom I was but to no avail. My father is a pastor and I don't want to disgrace him. I feel guilty when I am with her. I truly love this girl.

Mama, please help me.