Police in the Taiwanese city of Taipei have been criticised for reportedly spending a whopping NT$18,000 ($585) on forensic investigation kits, reagents and centrifuges for 6 DNA tests in order to find the “thief” of a $2 yoghurt bottle for an unhappy student.

According to odditycentral.com, a Taiwanese woman sharing a house with five other women studying at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei had gone to the said police station to file a complaint over the missing yoghurt.

What makes this kind of expenditure and investigation mind-blowing is the fact that some people believe the police could have simply bought another yoghurt for the lady for $2 if they wanted to pamper her.

Otherwise, they could have consoled her and asked her to go because the case in question is not worth investigating by an established institution like the police.

But it is not clear what thinking went into the final decision to launch a full-scale investigation into the matter by conducting a DNA test on both the complainant and her roommates.

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Some people believe that the use of taxpayers money in that manner is tantamount to “using a cannon to shoot birds – it is not really in line with the principle of proportionality”.

Well, it appears from all indications that the police had no crime to fight and wanted to get busy.

No matter how idle an African police is, they would not engage in this kind of exercise amidst heightened insurgencies and crime rates.