SA man says his late grandmother keeps calling him on phone

Is it possible for the dead to call up a living person with the phone? A South African wants people to believe that.

Qudalele Mzuku thinks his late grandma calls him on phone

A 51-year-old South African man, Qudalele Mzuku, has told Daily Sun that his grandmother who died 15 years ago keeps calling him on phone and giving him instructions on what to do to improve his lot in life.


Mzuku also says even when he changed his number, the late woman who loved him very much in her lifetime still found a way to call him.

Mzuku said when he first received a phone call from his dead Gogo (Grandmother), he thought it was a joke and did not listen to her but since then, he has been having bad luck and he believes it was because he didn’t listen to his Gogo when she first phoned him.

The man from Jixini Village, says he believed his ancestors were using modern technology to talk to him.


“The first call was in the early hours of the morning. I thought I was dreaming when a gogo with a shaky voice asked me why I wasn’t washing her kak-covered blankets.

But I didn’t know the blanket she was referring to. When I tried to ask, she hung up.”

Qudalele said the call was from a private number and after the caller introduced herself as his late gogo, Novenkile Mzuku, she hung up.

“I decided to ignore the call but since then, things have been going badly for me. I lost my job as a cattle herder after two cows went missing on my watch. The gogo has not stopped phoning me either.

I tried changing my number and even broke my first sim card, but she still phones me. The smell of kak has also started filling my shack at night for no reason. I don’t know what to do. I can’t even visit a sangoma because I’m unemployed.


Whenever I share my problem with my friends and family, they tell me to take it easy with the booze as it’s affecting me mentally.”

Is it possible for the dead to call someone on the phone?



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