A Muslim woman from Iran has been sentenced to a 20-year jail term for removing her hijab.

She exposed her hair in 2017 in protest of the compulsory Islamic covering of the hair by Muslim women, which led to her arrest and subsequent prosecution.

After her conviction,Shaparak Shajarizadeh reportedly resorted to her personal website to announce that she had been jailed for “opposing the compulsory hijab” and “waving a white flag of peace in the street.”

Some 29 people were also reportedly arrested in February for taking part in a campaign against the compulsory hijab dubbed “White Wednesdays” in which the women publicly exposed their hair.

Lawyer of the 42-year-old convict claimed she was tortured by the police after her arrest.

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It is considered a serious offence in Iran for women to remove their hijab, attracting penalties ranging from a $25 fine to imprisonment.