As if being beautiful is her fault or a criminal act, a 33-year-old law school graduate from London has narrated her ordeal of not being able to find job because she is too beautiful for the liking of employers.

According to Irina Kova, for several years after she graduated, her beauty has become a curse, making her look unfit to potential employers.

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She reportedly told The Sun that some female potential employers find her beauty intimidating, and hence reject her job application.

Even at her former workplace where she reportedly used to work in business development, her superiors bullied and told her to tone down on her looks, before she eventually lost that job.

"I have been made to feel terrible in offices. One boss told me I should stop standing out so much and learn to be humble with my looks. I was not even wearing high heels," Irina Kova is quoted as saying.

She added: "Even during the hiring process, being beautiful gets in the way. I have a law degree and a great CV but my recruitment agent still told me to dye my blonde hair dark for interviews."

Well, she should either keep trying or consider creating her own job and being her own boss.