This quiz shows if you’re a good candidate for relationship

Many people yearn to be in a relationship that will lead to marriage but not everybody has what it takes to be a good partner.

5 biggest red flags in a new relationship you should not ignore

Answering these quiz questions honestly will let you know whether you be a good partner to someone or you should work on yourself.

Are you quick/hot tempered?

Yes, but I have good self control too

When you get angry do you want to throw your hands?

Sometimes but I control myself
At all

Do you find it difficult to apologise when you wrong others?

Yes, it makes me feel inferior
No, it eases my mind and heart
Sometimes, but I apologise eventually

Do you insist on apologies before you forgive?

Yes, it’s very important
No, I forgive for God sake and my own peace
I don’t even forgive at all

How do you feel when rebuked?

Inferior and hated
He/she is just nagging

Can you hit your partner when you get angry?

Yes, to correct him/her
Not at all
Once in a while the temptation comes

Do you tell people the truth even if it is offensive to them?

No, I don’t want to create enemies
Yes, I don’t like to be a sycophant
I find nice ways to communicate it even if it hurts

Are you tolerant to people’s views?

Yes, nobody is a repository of all wisdom
No, unless they are older, more experienced, educated and wealthier
Yes, but some people are simply annoying
Your score: Bravo!
You are a good candidate for a relationship. But don’t get complacent; there’s always more room for improvement
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Your score: Too bad
You have a long way to go if you ever want to go into a long-lasting and impactful relationship but all hope is not lost; you can start working on yourself now.
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Your score: Not too bad
You are getting there but you have to push harder, work on yourself further and with time, you will be the best partner for someone.
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