Trotro driver removes shirt, pretends to be mad after crashing into 2021 Range Rover (video)

A driver of a commercial bus who crashed into an expensive Range Rover SUV quickly removed his shirt and started somersaulting and performing some dramatic moves to allegedly feign madness.

Trotro driver removes shirt, pretends to be mad after crashing into 2021 Range Rover SUV (video)

The hilarious incident believed to have occurred in Ghana was captured in a video that is circulating online.

The video shows the trotro diver displaying the temporal madness inside a nearby bush with all the seriousness required to make it look real.

The accident attracted the attention of people who gathered around the luxury vehicle to assess the extent of damage caused to it.

Reports say the two vehicles collided, resulting in the overturning of the Range Rover.

Fearing that he might be made to pay for the damage or possibly buy a new Range Rover, the smart driver decided to engage in alleged fake madness to be let off the hook.

The video was posted by Atinka News on its Instagram page with the caption: “Trotro driver pretends to be mad after crashing into a Range Rover.”

It was not disclosed where the hilarious incident took place.

In another interesting news, a university student has described his encounter with armed robbers as “the wildest thing” after they took the groundnut he was eating and then advised him to stay away from bad groups.

From the narration of the victim who happens to be a student of the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria’s Rivers state where the incident took place, he was not harmed by the bandits.

According to him, he had no valuable thing on him at the time of the robbery, so the criminals took the groundnut he was eating and left him in peace.

A report by said the man with Twitter username @Unofficial_DM shared his story in response to another tweep’s question about wild experiences in Port Harcourt.

The Twitter user whose question led to the revelation asked: “What’s the wildest thing your eyes have ever seen in Port-Harcourt?”

Then, @Unofficial_DM replied: “I got robbed at gunpoint inside Uniport, I had nothing on me so they took the groundnut I was eating and advised me not to join a bad gang in school.”


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