However, that was not the case at the wedding ceremony which reportedly took place in an Asian country recently.

A disturbing video has emerged online which shows a groom losing control over his temper and slapping the bride, without regards to families and guests present.

It all happened when the bride who was about to feed a piece of cake to her groom tried to tease him a bit, by pretending to take it away from his mouth.

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The young man who had already fed his bride with a piece of cake got incensed and slapped her so hard on the cheek that she tumbled and fell in a seat behind her.

It took another man to restrain the unruly man from behind, while another lifted the poor bride and tried to console her.

It is unclear whether the beautiful young bride had already known her groom to be a hostile man, or he just sprang his true colours on her as a surprise on the day of the wedding.

Meanwhile, some social media users have condemned the groom’s behaviour, with some calling on the bride to initiate annulment of the union.

Would you treat your bride like this? If you were in her shoes what would you have done?

Watch the video below: