Ghanaian screen actress Yvonne Nelson started a Twitter trend when she lambasted the sitting government over the frequent power outages that Ghanaians have been battling with for years now.

The trend was so viral that BBC World Service caught on and even called the actress for an interview.

But trust social media to get all mischievous; as some people were busy offering solutions or complaints, some "tweeters" decided to throw in some light mischief for sheygey reasons. brings you the best (and worst) of tweets from the #dumsormuststop trend.

1. @Creepy_I_Am's creepy but hilarious tweet

2. Mahama just wants to be a millionaire

3. The anti-Dumsor phone

4. The true feelings of Mahama

5. This is so true, I can't stress much more

6. Legit... Totally legit

7. Do we want to know?

8. The Psalms of Dumsorians

9. It took one celebrity to get this started

10. It's truly awkward, unless he's on a trip to Togo as ECOWAS head