Not all women are able to just jump straight into bed and get it on.

Some require to take a shower to feel like getting it on while others may need the foreplay to last more than one minute.

If you play your cards right, women can actually climax off of foreplay alone so don’t rubbish it off too quickly.

Here are four reasons why some women may enjoy foreplay more than actual sex.

1. It shows you care about them more than just busting a nut

As mentioned earlier, women tend to take some time before getting turned on in bed so when you pay close attention to foreplay and making her feel good besides just wanting to finish quickly, she will really appreciate it – in more ways than one *wink*

2. Other areas of a woman’s body are explored

She knows she has a great booty and her rack is popping but her inner thighs would like some love too. Or her neck and back. Why not just love all of her?

3. It takes the awkwardness away from sex

If you’re able to get through great foreplay then you can bet, the sex will be anything other than awkward. You’ve learned each other’s bodies and are now comfortable with each other away from simply doing the deed.

4. You can brag about being great in the bedroom other than through having sex only

Any woman can brag about the how hard or how gentle strokes are in bed but getting them to brag about the way you touched them and how they felt when you kissed a certain body part is definitely an honor that you would want to have.