Fat men last longer in bed than skinny men, scientists say

Move over 6 packs, jiggle potbelly is here to stay. According to science, fat guys have better sexual stamina than skinny guys. 

Sexy fat men

According to this research, slim guys perform poorly in 'bed-matics' compared to their fat comrades who are likely to last longer. Apparently, big fat pot bellies are the in-thing for bedroom pleasure. 

Erciyes University in Turkey has come out with research which suggests that overweight men have better sexual endurance than men with normal weight. The study which looked at the relationship between sexual performance and body mass index (BMI) revealed that men with pot bellies last about five minutes longer than those who are more masculine.


The research which lasted for a year concluded that those with higher BMI, especially those with bigger stomachs, lasted an average of 7.3 minutes. Whilst, their slimmer colleague could barely hold on for two minutes.

This study was conducted with 100 men who have been seeking answers about their sexual dysfunctions. Alongside another 100 men who seemed to have no problems in the bedroom. 

According to the study, most skinny men suffer from premature ejaculation. Most often, sexual performance is seen as a sign of a man’s health and being overweight is certainly not healthy. But scientists’ state that such belief may not be necessarily factual. 

In fact, the more tummy fat you have, the more estradiol you have. Estradiol is a female sex hormone that has the capacity to inhibit orgasm. Therefore, men with more estradiol (big potbellies) will last longer in bed than one with a six-pack!


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