Here's how to include coffee in your skincare routine, benefits

Coffee is not only a beloved beverage, but it also has numerous benefits when it comes to skincare.


Applying coffee externally to your skin can have a positive impact on its overall health and appearance. Let’s see the various ways in which you can use coffee in your skincare routine.

How to use coffee for the skin?

There are several ways you can use coffee on your skin to reap its benefits. Here are some easy ways to incorporate coffee into your skincare routine:

  • Coffee face scrub

Mix finely ground coffee beans with a carrier oil of your choice, such as coconut oil or almond oil, to create an exfoliating scrub. Gently massage the mixture onto your face in circular motions, paying extra attention to areas that are prone to blackheads or breakouts. Rinse off with warm water and follow up with your regular moisturizer.

  • Coffee face mask

Mix finely ground coffee beans with honey and yoghurt to create a nourishing face mask. Apply the mask to your face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. This mask can help to brighten and hydrate your skin, leaving it looking radiant and refreshed.

  • Coffee facial mist

Brew a strong cup of coffee and allow it to cool. Transfer the coffee to a spray bottle and refrigerate until chilled. Use the mist as a toner or facial mist to refresh and soothe your skin throughout the day.

  • Coffee under-eye treatment

Dip two cotton pads into chilled brewed espresso and place them under your eyes for 5-10 minutes. The caffeine in coffee can help to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Benefits of coffee for skin

  • Exfoliation

One of the main benefits of using coffee in your skincare routine is its exfoliating properties. Ground coffee beans are an excellent natural exfoliant that can help to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. You can mix ground coffee beans with carrier oil, such as coconut oil or almond oil, and gently massage the mixture onto your skin in circular motions. Rinse off with warm water and follow up with your regular moisturizer.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Coffee contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe irritated skin and reduce redness. It can be particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin or those who suffer from inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema. Brewed coffee can be chilled in the refrigerator and used as a toner or facial mist to calm and soothe irritated skin.

  • Brightening effects

The caffeine content in coffee can help to brighten dull and tired-looking skin. Caffeine is known to constrict blood vessels, which can reduce inflammation and puffiness around the eyes. Apply chilled brewed coffee under your eyes with a cotton pad to reduce dark circles and puffiness. The same method can also be used to reduce redness and inflammation on the face.


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