Quail eggs are also an affordable and nutrient-rich whole food that acts as a valuable source of many essential fatty acids, antioxidants, choline, vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

The wonder food has many health benefits ranging from improving sex drive to the vision and here are 4 benefits that more people should know about.

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Sex drive

Bananas and chocolate are the most common aphrodisiac known to most men. If you want to score more points this weekend then try adding quail eggs to your diet and send us a review.

Quail eggs improve virility and sexual endurance. One of the main reason is the good cholesterol in quail eggs help increase the production of testosterone hormone and subsequently improve your libido or sexual desire. The phosphorous content inside quail eggs also helps men maintain their prostate health and so strengthening the reproduction system. Proteins, other vitamins, and mineral also serve as sexual stimulants and help reproductive glands produce healthy semen.

Weight loss

Are you having a pot belly? Consume more quail eggs to shed extra weight. Quail eggs are one of the healthiest food and nutritionist call him a complete food which means our body will require less of it to feel full and needless for our daily nutritional requirements. So, we eat fewer calories to receive the same nutritional outcomes, therefore, fewer calories and feeling full faster, convert to pounds lost on the scales - simple as that.  

Boost muscle growth

Every woman needs a man with 6 packs not only in bed but to help out with house chores. Too busy to hit the gym regularly, eat one boiled quail egg daily for muscle growth due to its protein content.

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Improves brain function

Quail eggs also improve brain function. One of the secrets of excellent memory is buried deep inside our skull. It is the sheath that covers our brain nerve called myelin. Myelin covering of our brain nerve cells allow faster transmission of an electrical signal in our brain and also to retain memory. Myelin made of fat and proteins and both ingredients are present in quail eggs in generous amount.