65th Grammy Awards: Dentaa Amoateng sells Ghana to the world with the perfect kente outfit

The 65th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony had in attendance a host of celebrated personalities across the globe, including some Ghanaian celebrities.

Dentaa Amoateng

Dressing up isn't as easy or as fun as it looks and there's a lot that goes into nailing that red carpet look. For women, it's even harder considering we need to think about the dress, hair, shoes, makeup and all-important accessories. Everything needs to be on point!

Celebrities have a whole team of helpers to get them ready for their big nights but for us normal people, we have to get our inspiration from the celebrities themselves. In absence of our personal stylists, we look to our favourite stars to give us much-needed outfit inspo.

Rocking different African print outfits is getting more popular and we love how Ghanaian celebrities and style influencers are rocking it.

Certainly, the fabric and its styles aren’t going out of trend anytime soon since designers have found several ways to keep them alive.


March is a month designated to celebrate Ghana, hence, celebrities are stepping out in African print dresses and we totally love them.

British Ghanaian entrepreneur, Dentaa Amoateng is one of the leading women in the Ghanaian media mentoring and inspiring the new generations to take up leadership roles.

Over the years, the celebrity mother has graced our TV screens in nothing but simple and classy ensembles.

The fashionista has mastered the craft of styling African prints into fashionable outfits. She always looks decent and modest in most of her outfits. Her fans applaud her for her simplicity and decency.

From moderately toned pieces to bright non-boring styles, the celebrity mother is certainly leaving a mark and we are here for it.


Thumbs up to her team including the stylist, makeup artists and photographers for promoting her brand.

We spotted the superwoman at the 2023 Grammy Awards ceremony and we couldn't stop staring.

Dentaa also looked gorgeous in a red strapless kente gown. She chose a simple but classy hairstyle that matched her stunning look and great personality. Makeup is for enhancing one's natural beauty and the fashionista does it perfectly. And she glows when she smiles for the cameras.

We can’t wait to replicate her styles for our star-studded events.


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