DIY Recipes: How to make Palava sauce (Kontomire stew)

Kontomire stew or Palava sauce is a Ghanaian delicacy made with cocoyam leaves popularly called kontomire.

Kontomire stew (Palava sauce)

Palava sauce can be enjoyed as a main meal with boiled yam, boiled rice and any other accompaniment you can think of.


Kontomire - (a bundle/a bowl full)

A ladle of vegetable oil

1small size salmon

1 medium size of momone or salty fish

2 hands full of powdered agushie

6 fingers of pepper

4 medium size of tomatoes

2 medium size of onions

A tablespoon of salt


Wash and cook your neatly cut kontomire for three minutes. Check if it is cooked on all sides by stirring. Strain water and or allow to sit.

Prepare tomato stew like any other stew and add washed momone to it before stirring in grounded ingredients. Add salmon by breaking it into small pieces.

Add one tablespoon salt to agushie in a separate bowl with water (in a porridge form). Stir for a few minutes and pour gradually into a stew on fire. Cover it, lower heat and allow to cook for five minutes, Stir afterwards.

Add cooked kontomire to stew and a little stock from cooking the kontomire to it.

Taste for salt and allow to simmer for about five minutes. Ready to be served.


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