Here's 1 thing you probably should never drink when on a plane

The explanation of why you should avoid this drink water during a flight is both simple and surprising.

Be careful what you drink! [Deposit Photos]

Some flight attendants are happy to share their thoughts about airline passengers and what they should or shouldn't do online.

Former airline employee, Kat Kalamani, took to TikTok to reveal what drinks she thinks you should avoid after boarding. Unexpectedly, plain water was at the top of her list.

The former stewardess' recording aroused considerable interest and has already been viewed over five million times. This is not surprising, because Kalamani raises a controversial issue in it, warning against drinking water during a flight. She also has reservations about coffee and tea.


The explanation of why you should avoid drinking water during a flight is both simple and surprising. According to her, the water tanks are never cleaned, which she describes very directly as "absolutely disgusting." That's why she and other in-flight employees she knows rarely drink coffee or tea. Kalamani strongly rejects anything made from water stored in tanks.

She has an additional reason to discourage passengers from drinking coffee. She explains that coffee machines are never thoroughly cleaned, this only happens when they need repair. According to the former stewardess, only partial washing is not enough to maintain hygiene, especially since these devices are usually located right next to the toilets.


However, Kalamani does not leave internet users without good advice. She recommends drinking only water and other drinks served in cans or factory-sealed bottles. According to her, it is better to last a few hours and forget about hot drinks.

She also has special advice for parents who ask for warm water during a flight to prepare milk for their baby. You should ask for bottled water and an extra cup of hot water to heat milk for your baby without the risk of poisoning.

Of course, water for preparing coffee or tea should be boiled, which should kill all the microorganisms contained in it. However, we are never sure whether it has actually undergone appropriate heat treatment.


Obviously, thousands of comments appeared under the video from people who reacted to the information provided by the former stewardess.

Some of them completely agree with her vision and confirm that they never drink water from airplane tanks. There are many other commenters who claim that they worked or work for airlines, and according to them this is the absolute truth.

"True! As a former steward, I can attest that this is 100 percent true," one said.

"No wonder I got sick several times on the last flight from drinking tea. I vomitted," another commented.


There were also completely opposing voices and people arguing that such a phenomenon does not occur with the carriers they are employed by. Water tanks and coffee machines are thoroughly and regularly cleaned.

"In my airline they are cleaned and we all love a good coffee or tea on board. Don't believe everything you see on TikTok," someone commented.

"She has no idea what she's talking about. Water tanks are regularly sterilised. I know because I do it," wrote another person in the comments section.

It is worth noting that it is not known for which airlines the TikToker worked.



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