Most Ghanaians who aren’t from the Central or Western regions perhaps are unfamiliar with Fante Fante; in fact if such people are asked to make a list of the top ten Ghanaian dishes, it is likely they will leave out Fante Fante.

However Fante Fante is not only authentically Ghanaian, it is also easy to make. More so, it goes very well with a variety of accompaniments, very popular among them being Etsew.  If you ever run out of ideas for dinner, or get tired of rice-based meals, give Fante Fante a try. It isn’t hard to prepare at all and Onga Efie Aduane Series is here every step of the way, to share the wonderful Fante Fante recipe with you.

Fante Fante is a fresh fish sauce, made with palm oil. As the name suggests, Fante Fante is a local dish which originated amongst the people of the Fante-land, predominantly the people of the Central region. Traditionally, Fante Fante was only made with fresh fish and eaten with fante kenkey or Etsew. These days, there are a number of modifications in the preparation of Fante Fante; some people fry their fish before the actual preparation of the Fante Fante in order to prevent the fish from breaking into pieces. In spite of these variations in recipe, most Fante people maintain that any self-respecting Fante Fante should have fresh fish as its major ingredient.

The Fantes have had a monopoly over Fante Fante for quite some time.

They named the food after their ethnic group after all, and they have a better access to fresh fish than someone from Brong Ahafo might. But thank heavens the Fantes have not attempted preventing  the Gas, Ewes, Kwahus and any other tribe from savouring the ostentatiously rich delicacy that is Fante Fante.

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