'How to summon a demon' and 9 other strange questions people ask Google

Here are 10 of the worst things people have searched on Google.

Sometimes, people use Google for the strangest and most inappropriate queries [Freepik]

ChatGPT found 10 of such searches and it's safe to say the internet is such a weird, strange place.

We all know that Google is a powerful tool for finding information, but sometimes people use it for the strangest and most inappropriate queries.


From the absurd to the downright disturbing, here are 10 of the worst things people have searched on Google:

It's both illegal and foolish to search for information on how to commit a crime, especially one as serious as bank robbery. Unsurprisingly, such searches are monitored by law enforcement agencies.

Searching for instructions on how to create explosive devices is not only dangerous but also illegal in many countries. It's essential to remember that Google searches can leave a digital footprint.


Yes, you read that right. Some individuals have actually Googled whether it's safe to consume their own excrement. The answer is a resounding "no" due to the numerous health risks involved.

While the legality of marrying a cousin varies by location, it's still an unusual and often controversial topic to search for online.


Attempting to fake your own death is not only unethical but also illegal. People who search for this information might be facing serious personal issues and should seek help instead.

This is a deeply disturbing search query that raises concerns about the mental state of the individual making the search. Cannibalism is a criminal act and a severe ethical violation.

Searching for information on torture methods is not only unethical but also illegal. Such searches can lead to criminal investigations and severe consequences.


While not inherently illegal, searching for information on joining a cult is a clear red flag. Cults often engage in manipulative and harmful practices, so it's crucial to seek guidance from trusted sources instead.

Hiring a hitman to harm or kill someone is a criminal act, and anyone involved in such activities can face life-changing legal consequences.


Attempting to summon supernatural entities is not only fruitless but can also lead to psychological distress. Such searches might reflect an interest in the occult, but it's crucial to approach such topics with caution and skepticism.

In conclusion, while Google is a valuable resource for learning and discovering new information, it's essential to use it responsibly and ethically.

Searching for illegal, harmful, or bizarre content can have serious consequences, both legally and morally.

If you're ever uncertain about a search topic, it's better to seek guidance from reputable sources or professionals rather than turning to the internet for answers.


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